Facebook App ID

Facebook App ID tags lets Facebook know the identify of your site, which provides additional benefits like social analytics, comments moderation and authentication capabilities to your site.

  • Social Networks Supported: Facebook
  • Importance: Useful, but not required
  • Can use multiple times on same page: No
  • Tag Placement: Head section
  • Example: <meta property="fb:app_id" content="1234567890" />

A Facebook App ID isn't required for Likes and Comments (or most other Facebook social widgets) to function. However, if you create a Facebook Application, you can enable additional features on your site like Facebook authentication, invitations and Open Graph Actions.

Advantages of setting the fb:app_id Open Graph value:

Your Facebook Application ID can be found in the Facebook Developers Area. The recommendations for setting the Facebook App ID are:

  • Set only one tag with the fb:app_id value
  • The app_id value is a numerical string from about 9-20 digits long


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