Open Graph Title

Open Graph Title tags are one of the 3 most important tags to use on your site for Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn social sharing. The title tag is what determines the title for any social posts made for the URL.

  • Social Networks Supported: Facebook Google+ LinkedIn
  • Importance: Required
  • Can use multiple times on same page: No
  • Tag Placement: Head section
  • Example: <meta property="og:title" content="Title for This Article" />

While most social networks will fall back to using the standard HTML title for your page, it's always best to set the Open Graph title for your for a few reasons:

  • Your meta title may be more targeted for search engine results and the tab name in a browser. The Open Graph title is always targeted toward social networks and shared views, so you should customize this for your audience.
  • A browser tab and search engine generally only use smaller portions of the title. With an Open Graph title, you can customize a title of up to about 100 characters, which gives you more to work with.


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