Open Graph URL

Open Graph URL tags serve as a unique identifier for your post. For some social networks, it is important to set in order to aggregate likes and shares for the URL.

  • Social Networks Supported: Facebook Google+ LinkedIn
  • Importance: Useful, but not required
  • Can use multiple times on same page: No
  • Tag Placement: Head section
  • Example: <meta property="og:url" content="" />

Here are some guidelines for setting the URL:

  • Do match your canonical URL used for SEO.
  • Do not include any session variables, user identifying parameters or counters.
  • The URL set will be used for all attribution of shares and comments. Any changes you make will cause future shares to attribute to a different URL and you will lose all likes/shares and comments you've received until that point..
  • When used improperly, likes and shares can be spread across all of the variations of the same URL. For example, the following pages may all have the same 'content', but the sharing counters and (if used) Facebook comments would be different for each:
    • (assuming this shows the same content as the other URLs)
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