Twitter Description

The Twitter Description tag is one of the 3 most important tags to use on your site because it's used directly by Twitter for representing your content in their social networks.

  • Social Networks Supported: Twitter
  • Importance: Required
  • Can use multiple times on same page: No
  • Tag Placement: Head section
  • Example: <meta name="twitter:description" content="Enter the Twitter Description for the page here" />

To set the Open Graph Description tag on your page, you should add the following tag within the <head> section of your page

Here are some guidelines for setting the Twitter description for your page:

  • Do not re-use your meta description for the page. The meta description on your page should be completely targeted toward search engines, which means it should be between 150-160 characters and there should be no duplicate descriptions across your site. 
  • Do not re-use the title text as the description
  • Do not describe just the general services provided by the website.
  • Do concisely summarize the content of the page, appropriate for a Tweet.
  • With a Twitter description, you can customize a description of up to 200 characters.

By setting a specific Twitter Description on your own instead of reusing content, you are in complete control of how your page is represented when shared.

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